Time for a cocktail? We think so too!

Simply said, a cocktail is a mixed alcoholic drink. A cocktail is a mix of either one or multiple measures of alcohol accompanied with juices, other soft drinks, fruits, ice tea or sometimes even an Espresso - not to mention the plethora of other exciting flavours you can add.

Just like cooking, cocktail making is part art and part science. Some people prefer it sweeter, bitter (I mean more Whiskey) or even like to add more spices in their Bloody Mary (how much Tabasco?). All you have to do is to control the variables, observe and test your results. That’s pretty much how to make the perfect cocktail taste - plus experimenting with alcohol is always great fun too!

In this book we will show you the best ingredients and methods for the perfect recipes. There are 40 different choices of cocktail to learn including how to make a classic Martini, Manhattan or a simple Gin and Tonic, you name it!

How to use this book: Print out and take it with you to the shops or download to your smart phone to ensure that you always have this handy guide with you whenever you fancy treating yourself and your friends. Easy access to this guide reduces the barrier to entry for a great time!

So now prepare your equipment and get ready to have a Pina Colada at your place...